/ 2016

One Barclays, through design

/ 2016

One Barclays, through design
The Barclays Design Language is a set of principles, practices and building blocks that help build Barclays web products and services.
At its business end, the building blocks are a design system of interaction, motion and visual design components that are responsive and accessible.

I lead the team that built, developed and maintained the language. We defined the design and adoption models of the system and also the tools that would help reduce the distance from concept to eventual deployment.

This was a cross collaborative effort across Design & Research teams, Engineering, Accessibility experts, Business divisions, Solution Architects, Marketing and organisational hierarchies.
Enabling designers to solve user problems, not UI problems.
The intent for the very first instance of the design language was for it to unify customer experiences with internal production efficiency in mind.

The ambition was wider, to build a complete, coherent and connected foundation for design & development throughout the Barclays universe.


Consumer, Retail & Investment Banking


Design Operations
Product Ownership
Service Design
Content Strategy
User Research


Interaction Design
Motion Design
Data Visualisation