Black Swan Data

/ 2018

Decoding big data to unlock insights and inspire product innovation.
Black Swan Data

/ 2018

Decoding big data to inspire product innovation.
The Black Swan platform collects, classifies, enriches and visualises big data sets from social and non-social sources to reveal deep and distilled consumer insights.
The SaaS platform works as a suite of consumer facing applications and technologies.

I work closely with the Data Science, Engineering, Insights and Marketing teams in defining the product proposition for Trendscope and Sonar - the flagship products in the suite, along with backend tooling and production software that enable the platform.
Trendscope decodes online conversations to unlock risk and potential across a range of FMCG trends.

Sonar helps to optimise product concepts using social and non-social data.




Product & UX Strategy
Content Strategy
User Research


Interaction Design
Data Visualisation
Creative Direction
Visual Design
Motion Design


Shammi Umeria